Thanks for checking out our information page for our Crypto Curve Beginner Bootcamp Program. We are looking for charter members to help us pilot this new program and the crypto investing "learning and practice" community that we are growing. 

We want you to know right up front that—by design—our program is not like any "online course" you have ever taken, and strictly speaking, it is not actually an online course. Rather, it is a very hands-on, in person, active, real-time "mentor program" and cryptocurrency investing/trading "learning and practice" community.  We currently offer seven live small-group videoconferencing sessions every single week! No other "cryptocurrency investing/trading" course or program offers anything like this. We are utterly unique in that sense. 
This Program is For People Who
  • Are interested in getting into cryptocurrency investing but don't want to be totally "self taught" 
  • Value a personal connection and want to work with instructors and mentors to help them 
  •  Value  quality curriculum (instructional design) and don't want to waste their valuable time
  •   Recognize that time is money and see value in getting the knowledge and skills in weeks rather than months 
  •  See the value in a group/team learning and trading approach (a learning and practice community)
  •  Are serious enough about this new opportunity to get the best training available  
An International Crypto Investing "Learning and Practice" Community
A key difference between us and the other "online crypto courses" out there is we are professional business educators. The founders and senior faculty of Conscious Academy have been in business training, business education,  and business-related coaching for most of our careers (decades). We own a successful 18-year old brick-and-mortar corporate business and leadership academy as well as a successful 5-year old online academy. 

Further, we are committed to hosting the most positive, beginner-friendly, cooperative and supportive international cryptocurrency investing/trading community in the world. Our practice community is made up of "learners" who have a positive attitude, are able to commit to being supportive of others in their learning journey (we cooperate rather than compete with each other in this group), are earnest in their goals to manifest prosperity, aren't only in this for the money but also care about the decentralization movement and how investing in these projects can help make the world a better place. 
We use an innovative, engaging, hands-on, hybrid learning approach. While have video tutorials and written lessons and worksheets, the real action is on our seven live calls we hold every single week. You come to as many as you like. Most participants try to come to at least 2-3 sixty-minute live sessions each week. Every live session is conducted on our Zoom video conference bridge (so we can share screens, slides, charts and go onto exchanges together). We offer every session at various times to cover all world time zones. (The exact calendar of all live sessions each week are further down this page under "Calendar of Live Events".) 
  •  Understand disruption & decentralization how it can and will change your life
  •  Understand industry and global implications of your favorite projects  
  •   Clarify your investor orientation and philosophy 
  •  Tap into deeper meaning of the decentralization revolution
  • Understand how the cryptocurrency markets move
  •  Select your orientation to the market (long, medium or short-term) 
  •  Know which exchanges you should be using   
  •   Get set up on wallets, transfer, and store your crypto safely 
  •  Set up and start using the best tools for you to use (at your level of skill)
  •  Learn to recognize trends  and reversals and to spot “dips,” "rips" and “tips”
  •  Learn to evaluate using Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  •  Confidently execute transactions on exchanges
Advantages of Going Through Our Beginner Bootcamp 
  •  This is one of the only no hype, no B.S., no "get rich quick" crypto programs available
  •  This is the only program available that uses small-group, video conference sessions and offers 7+ calls each week to choose to come to!
  • Rather than just talented traders, we are professional business educators. This will make all the difference in the world for you. 
  • While most other programs overwhelm you with unnecessary details and advanced tools and techniques, we only teach you what you need to know and can use immediately (as a beginner).
  •  We are motivated to help people succeed (not to impress you or pump up our own ego—like a lot of other "gurus" out there).
  •  Our program is definitely the most beginner-friendly, easiest way to get in fast and have early success in cryptocurrency investing.
  •  All of the curriculum in Conscious Academy is skill-level appropriate, integrally-informed and developmentally informed. This means it is much easier for students to learn and succeed!
Your Success Milestones 
You will open up 1-2 accounts on the best beginner-friendly exchanges. Next you will make your selections (with your instructor's input) and complete the initial transaction successfully. We will demonstrate this for you on our Zoom video conference in small groups of 3-5 people and an instructor and will even walk you through it live using screen sharing if you like.  
With your instructors' help, you will select which wallet (or combination of wallets) best suits your situation.  Next you will set up and secure your wallet(s) and transfer your crypto there for safe keeping. Your instructors will demonstrate this live and if you want, even walk you through the process, step-by-step, using screen sharing on our Zoom bridge. You will also learn to use the necessary precautions to keep your investments safe for the long-term.   
You will learn how to read the information on your favorite exchanges, identity trades (purchases or sells) that you want to make, and confidently execute those transactions without making mistakes using several "safety protocols" your instructors will model for you on the live calls. 
You are going to learn how to judge the long-term intrinsic value of a project using Fundamental Analysis and you will learn to interpret patterns in the market/price moves to identify short-term opportunities to buy or sell on the dips, rips and tips (as we call them) using Technical Analysis. In combination, these skills will allow you to time your investments for maximum gains. 
A natural and unavoidable aspect of investing in volatiles markets is to experience various levels of FOMO (fear of missing out) and FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt). You will learn how to work with these dynamics so you (nearly) always make smart investment choices. You will buy low and sell high, while learning how to avoid the temptation to chase momentum (buy high) or panic sell (sell low). 
You will learn about the three different kinds of cryptoassets (low risk & upside, medium risk & upside, and high risk & upside) and learn how to balance your beginner portfolio and adjust week-to-week, month-to-month to optimize risk with potential growth. 
We provide  seven live, small group video conference sessions every single week. Most program participants try to come to 2-3 sixty-minute live sessions each week. You are welcome to attend as many as your schedule permits. Every live session is conducted on our Zoom video conference bridge  with screen sharing. We offer all three learning track sessions at both AM and PM time slots which cover all time zones. Wherever you live in the world, we've got you covered.  These live sessions are  supplemented with self-paced learning materials, 
This live session is conducted on our Zoom video conference bridge every Tue and every Wed. (See calendar below) 
This live session is conducted on our Zoom video conference bridge every Tuesday and every Thursday. (See calendar below)
This live session is conducted on our Zoom video conference bridge  every Tue, Wed and Thursday.  (See calendar below)
The "TBA" slots in the calendar are the bonus live sessions that are "to be announced." You can use the Time Zone Converter here to convert into your local time. 
BONUS: Book and Video Training
All Charter Members will receive a copy of Ryan Oelke's book and 5-video training Cryptocurrency for Newbies: A Beginner's Guide to Understanding, Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency. This is considered the very best book for new cryptocurrency investors. Ryan's book and content is used in the fundamentals track in Crypto Curve. Ryan and his excellent research and perspective on how to help new cryptocurrency investors succeed have informed and have been incorporated into all of our Conscious Academy Crypto Curve programs. 
  •  What cryptocurrency is (minus the headache)
  •  How to buy cryptocurrency easily with dollars, euro, etc.
  •  How to trade and pick up 'altcoins'
  •  How to use wallets and keys 
  •  How to keep cryptocurrency safe from hackers
  •  Common investment strategies
Part 1: What is Cryptocurrency?
  •  Understanding cryptocurrency, one bit at a time 
  •  How are cryptocurrencies being used? 
  • Cryptocurrency Use Case Sampling 
Part 2: Why is Cryptocurrency Important?
  •  WTF is Blockchain 
  •  But first, WTF is a Ledger. Let’s start with a financial ledger. 
  •  Standout Benefits of Cryptocurrency 
Part 3: How to Buy, Trade, and Sell Cryptocurrency
  •  Important nuts and bolts before buying cryptocurrencies 
  • Buying cryptocurrencies with traditional money (dollar, euro, etc)
  •  Example: Buying cryptocurrency on Coinbase 
  •  How to transfer from one wallet to another wallet 
  •  Trading cryptocurrency on exchanges 
  •  How to Trade Cryptocurrency - Bittrex as an Example 
  •  Illustrative Instructions for a Simple Trade on Bittrex 
  •  How to Sell Cryptocurrency 
Part 4: Keeping Your Cryptocurrency Safe
  •  Wallet Security Strong Passwords 
  •  Phishing - Don’t take the bait. 
  •  Two-step authentication (2FA) 
  •  Keeping your phone and phone number secure 
  •  Secure your internet connection '
  •  Keeping physical backups safe 
  • Look at all of your options.  
Part 5: Tracking Your Portfolio and Investment Strategies
  •  Tracking your cryptocurrency portfolio 
  •  Cryptocurrency Investment and Common Trading Strategies 
Bonus Content
  • The Basics of Reading Price Charts 
  •  What’s the ‘crypto’ in cryptocurrency mean?  Two-step authentication (2FA) 
  • Mining
  • Scaling
  •  Forking 
  • Governance
  •  ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) 
  •  Quick Cryptocurrency Resource List 
  •  Bite-Size Cryptocurrency Glossary
Value of this 177-page book and the accompanying 5-video training: $200


3 monthly payments of $795
         (This can potentially save you dozens or hundreds of hours and potentially thousands of dollars in trading mistakes)    

20% Discount - single payment of $1,899
(This can potentially save you dozens or hundreds of hours and potentially thousands of dollars in trading mistakes)

We have a limited number of charter memberships 
available at this price during our current "Pilot Launch." See box below for Charter Membership Price.


50-70% Discount Limited Slots
50% Charter Member Discount
3 monthly payments of $397
         (This can potentially save you dozens or hundreds of hours and potentially thousands of dollars in trading mistakes)    

70% Charter Member Discount
Single payment of $715
(This can potentially save you dozens or hundreds of hours and potentially thousands of dollars in trading mistakes)

We already have a full cohort for our pilot group but have room for a few more people.  This "Early Bird" Charter Member price will only be available for a few more days. If you want to do this, now is the best time. We hope you join us! 

We believe "going it alone" is not a wise way to go. We invite you to accept our invitation to roll with the Crypto Crew and let's crush this crypto learning curve together the safe easy, fast, fun way!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I need any special equipment to attend the sessions and complete the program?

A: You need a working computer and Internet connection. While you can attend the video conference live sessions without a webcam, we recommend either using a computer with a built in video camera or purchasing an inexpensive web cam (around $30) and connecting it to your computer for the live video conferences (you can as many a week as you want to).

Q: Do I have to already have cryptocurrency exchange accounts or software set up?

A: No you don't. Come as you are. We are fully beginner-friendly and are here to help you succeed. Even from the very start if necessary. We will help you select the best exchanges, software and tools to use. We have 8 live interactive small group calls a week. We will help you with every step, even making trades on exchanges live in our small group setting (using screen sharing). 

Q: Do I need to invest more money into expensive membership sites or other services to do this program? 

A: No you do not. Most of the news sites and the various software tools are free. We also provide several tools included for our members. 

Q: How long will it take? Does it take exactly 6 weeks. Is that the same for everyone? 

A: Most people complete the program in 6-weeks. We give a bonus two weeks of live workshop / mentoring and support in case you fall behind or take a little longer. Also, if you need to take a week or two off during your program for a trip or other commitments, that's no problem. Your 6-weeks can be split up. We offer 6-weeks of active participation (plus the 2 bonus weeks of mentoring and coaching making a total of 8 weeks). 

Q: What happens at the end of the 6-weeks (plus 2 free weeks of mentoring and coaching)? What if I want to continue to come to the discussions, learning workshops and the small-group live trading sessions with the mentors? Do you have a way I can remain an active member of the learning and practice community (and still come to the calls) after my bootcamp is over? 

A: Yes we do. We have an ongoing membership that is available that permits you to continue to come to any or all of the live sessions indefinitely! We will always offer at least 4 and have plans to offer 6-8 small-group trading sessions a week with various mentors (who have different investing strategies and styles, and areas of specialization). And we will be continually adding new video tutorials, tools and also new live weekly workshops with new topics to help our members continually grow and expand as a successful cryptocurrency investor. The 6-week bootcamp is a prerequisite. Only people who have gone through the bootcamp can be in our Crypto Crew Inner Circle Membership Program. It is $197/month. Charter Members get 50% off, so it is only $97 a month for Charter Members. 

Q: What if I have questions or need any additional guidance or direction at a later date? 

A: No problem! You are always a member of our community as long as you want to be. Even if you aren't active in our above-described Crypto Crew Inner Circle Membership Program, you are still welcome to remain in our free Facebook group and stay in touch with us and reach out via FB messenger when you have questions.  

This Is a Brand New Program.... But Check Out What Our Participants Have to Say About Our Other Business Education Programs
Brett, The tools and perspectives, along with the conscious business community you've developed at Conscious Academy are a real godsend. Your business teaching and tools have really helped me. Thank you!

- Gord Theo, Leadership and organizational coach and consultant
Brett and his Conscious Academy team are so incredibly generous with their illuminating training and success-grounding tools. Very essential process/systems support for those of us with big dreams who want to help people and positively impact the planet. And he has surrounded himself with an awesome community of like-minded people to work with. If you want more conscious success, I highly recommend Conscious Academy programs. 

- Susan Lucci, Human Development Coach and Facilitator
Brett's work is inspiring, clarifying and deeply supportive for conscious businesses. I'm grateful for his ability to boil down comprehensive leading-edge business and knowledge. Participating with his Conscious Academy has helped us keep balance and strength as we simultaneously serve our existing work and develop solutions for a new group of people. This has been one of the most rewarding learning experiences in years. I highly recommend Conscious Academy programs! 

- Ulrike Haiden, Integral Coach and Conscious Business Trainer
The Conscious Academy program I did with Brett and Team has helped me get clear on my purpose and passion and the gift I want to bring to the world. I already see the strategies and tactics I learned working extremely well. This program has really been life changing. I can't thank you enough for all that you've done for my life and my coaching business.

- Chris Alder, Integral Coach
Brett and his Conscious Academy team have been a total blessing in my life. Brett's clear, down-to-earth style of teaching and ability to explain complex concepts in an easy to grasp style is so helpful. Brett helped me get unstuck and as a result of taking the action he suggested, my business now has amazing momentum! Brett’s and his team's mentorship and assistance has made made all the difference in my success. I highly recommend taking any of the programs Conscious Academy offers.

- Jana Martinez - Healer, Teacher and Coach
Without doubt, one of the most major unlocking moves for my success has been mentorship with Brett and attending his Conscious Academy programs. I'm able to more compassionately, and passionately do what I love to do, and make a great living being a force for good in the world. Brett and his programs have helped me significantly increased my income and my career fulfillment. I highly recommend his programs.

- Louis Parsons, Fine Artist
The program I did with Brett on conscious business has been invaluable. I learned what I didn't know and needed to look into. I got instant feedback from the facilitators and others as to the best choices for outsourcing, technology, hosting, etc. A huge blessing because each investigation could have taken me days and still have been a gamble. I used many of the excellent materials offered to us to structure my thinking around the business and really drill down into what was important. The information provided was amazing and the personal coaching very focused. An enormous time saver and confidence builder!

- Lynn Royster, PhD., Integral Consultant and Coach
I can't tell you how much I really enjoy and appreciate what Brett and his team have done with these Conscious Academy programs. His synthesis and integral framing of business and marketing fundamentals is extremely valuable. Highly recommended!

- Chris Jones, Business Broker and Consultant
I highly recommend Brett's Conscious Academy programs for anyone looking for leading-edge approaches to conscious success. Brett and his team bring a synthetic, collaborative, and deliciously fun approach that captures the change spirit of our times. I'm proud to be associated with Conscious Academy as a unique, integrally informed platform for social purpose and cultivation of long-term beneficiary relationships.

Lisa Norton, Professor of Design Leadership
We believe "going it alone" is not a wise way to go. We invite you to accept our invitation to roll with the Crypto Crew and let's crush this crypto learning curve together the safe easy, fast, fun way!
Disclaimer: We are educators and we do not offer "financial advice." Always make your own investment decisions.
This training and mentor program is offered as education. We are not acting as financial advisors and are not giving "financial advice." Any investments or trades are each person's responsibility. Investing of all kinds is inherently risky. Please be cautious, as the authors of this educational information and the workshop and discussion facilitators in this educational program are not responsible for any consequences that might result from your investment decisions including any personal trading actions you undertake in the cryptocurrency markets. Under no circumstances are the authors of this educational information, the facilitators of this program or anyone associated with Crypto Crew, Crypto Curve or Conscious Academy, LLC responsible for your choices or any negative consequences that might result from them.
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